Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

I am going to be a mean reviewer here. I am even quite confident that the book does not deserve two stars, but somehow modern thriller/mystery writers have become either repetitive or formulaic or cashing in on things that the general public will gladly buy and only then will review.
I am happy I relied on the library services to listen to this book.
The book is an exceptional combination of multiple “meh”s. The plot is weak, the allusion to water torture or witchcraft, often associated with females is somewhat far-fetched, and audio full-cast narration was somewhat mediocre.
Another questions that has been eating me alive all the time while I listened to it is how many POVs can you squeeze into the book? I know that mystery is based on initial confusion, but then the author usually offers a helping hand and leads her or his reader to the firmer ground through the bog of clues and revelations. In this book, there were so many POVs and some of them were not really present, but were “kinda there”, mostly annoying me, and even a full-cast narration did not help to distinguish one from another. To be fair, some voices sounded very similar even though they were different readers.
One other thing that frustrated me (another way of saying “annoyed me ad nauseum”) is high school drama …..

Can we please move away from it? If I knew it would involve any high school ultra hormonal themes, I would have never checked the book out. This is soooooooo not ” my cuppa”.


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