The Dead Lands by B. Percy

It is more like a two-and-a half star book – it does have some nice potential, and the writing is at times raw, brutal, and unbelievably poignant, but there are too many ‘buts’ as well.
Characters are mostly flat, and their emotions and thoughts are mostly on their sleeves; the premise is a bit too hackneyed nowadays – there are too many post-apocalyptic novels wit the outbreak of flu or any other disease, but the biggest weakness is its plot.
The plot might have worked better for me if I had physically read the novel, but I opted for an audio version, and this might have ‘killed’ the other half a star for me. The author used too many plotlines for several stories – main plotline, prequels, other parallel lines, not all of them happening at the same time, not all of them are told from the same perspective. I could not find any reference points for different narratives and different time lines while I listened, and every time the P-O-V changed, it took me some time to ‘locate’ the voice, place, and time for a specific character … I usually enjoy these lit games, but not this time.

I truly enjoyed the writing occasionally, but three stars would be a crime after I gave three stars to some decent novels.


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