The Water Knife by Paulo Bacigalupi

The book has an interesting premise, but it is so genre-driven that the existential ending without any ending is somewhat inappropriate. Or is it Bacigalupi’s take on post-modernism in popular fictio? Not only the book is quite eclectic genre-wise, the ending is also absolutely inconclusive a la existential novel …. Hmmm… left me scratching my head.

The writing is not bad at all and quite well planned, the topicality is quite on par with our modern global issues – the world disintegrating into a chaos, the entropic USA and it is all caused by the shortage of clean water. All this is definitely a plus in this novel, but the novel is quite … incomplete, and the open-ending is inappropriate, and the narrator also caused frustration. She made the unlikable characters even more unlikable, exaggerating the Hispanic accent for men, and as a result the two quite different MALE characters sounded very much alike and confusing … I do appreciate ethnic minority characters as leading ones, though.


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