The Fever by Megam Abbott

High school dynamics is the key theme of this book, and judging by the blurbs, others also focus on the same theme with the variety of topics. I actually waited for six weeks to download this book from my digital library, and I am hugely disappointed.

Teenagers can be quite annoying, especially if they are allowed to be the main characters of a novel with a silly premise. Some might find it enlightening and entertaining, but I believe I do not belong to this group. People with the hypertrophied sense of self and the world revolving around their pathetic efforts of finding boyfriends and the medical consequences of their shortsightedness are NOT upsetting BUT annoying. All the characters are annoying like flies or mosquitoes. I did not care about them – they only wasted my time.

The only people I could emotionally relate to in the hateful way were the parents who were against HPV vaccination in high school. Gosh, as if there are not enough vaxi-haters and anti-science people around the world. I know it was the point to prove that they were wrong, and that is why the book actually earned its two-start rating, but if this is the redeeming point of the novel, it is easy to make an assumption why I only gave it two stars.

It only confirmed how preposterous high-school drama is. In addition, teenagers’ ego in his novel is inflated by their parents who worship their princesses and never instill the feeling that high-school drama is the most wasteful human experience.

Again, the blurb is just a gimmick to sell the book to its readers. As a gimmick, it works; no wonder I feel cheated.
On the other hand, it might be good for those grown-up readers who enjoy being nostalgic about their high-school dramas. Drama has attracted readers and viewers for millennia, but I enjoy drama based on human faults and mistakes, not on bloated egotism and anti-science hypocrites.


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