Station Eleven by St. John Mandel

Something went awry! The reviews are raving, and even the friends’ reviews (goodread friends whose literary tastes I trust) are very affirmative and positive, but as I said something went awry and the book did not resonate with me. I was discussing the novel with my husband, and we both unanimously agreed that the writing was superb with very precise and insightful language, but it never reached our hearts. The metaphors and the imagery did not reach our hearts immediately, but as an aftertaste, as a reflection, as a post-reading analysis, but never instantaneously, never immediately, always forcefully, always analytically, never by intuition, never by heart, but by brain.

I am sad to say it was a novel about the human fatigue, the burden of civilization we do not want to support, and we are unwilling to share.

It is also about the history of a comic book …. Is our life a plot in a simple comic book … not even a novel, a comic book?

At least, it was not a zombie survival novel, and that’s something!


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Filed under Book Review, fantasy, Literary Fiction, Postapocalyptic

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