Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

This one was a HUGE bummer. It is particularly painful to give the book two stars immediately after a very good book. The book is written around some quirky and weird retro pictures, but the novel itself never reaches the true potential of the photos.

It is the story of many things – sci-fi with elements of fantasy, how hard to be a teenager and misunderstood by parents; romance is also a package deal. It also touched upon the serious questions like WWII and Holocaust, but not a single theme touched my heart. The story never gets eerie as the photos that accompany it, the plot sags and struggles; the characters and the dialogue are mediocre at best and very often immature.

Part of the reason why I disliked this novel is my weariness of young adult books. Three or four years ago, this genre exploded the publishing business, but after a couple of novels, my interest simple fizzled out. The world is often too black and white in them, the characters are formulaic and too predictable, and many, many novels cultivate the pseudo simplicity of the world in which their characters live and die.

The attraction of literary fiction is getting stronger every day, and I refuse to live in the fictional world of teenagers and adolescents. And yes, good wording is also highly appreciated in any work of fiction. This is something that YA will hardly be able to do it for me.

I am confident there are YA novels that will move me and make me stop to think or make me lose my heartbeat, but not in the nearest future. Currently I am all FINISHED with YA.

P.S. I did enjoy the photos, though. They are absolutely eerie and surreal. Sigh, the original idea was so beckoning, but the world built around those photos was sub-par .


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