The Walls of the Castle by Tom Piccirilli

It is a novella with the paramount importance of three Ls: love, life, and loss. The setting is unbelievably believable and the atmosphere is nearly tangible. The author manages to modernize the Gothic concept of a castle turning it into an outpost of death, life, desperation, help and hope.
The narration is powerfully gruesome and very dark, but the seemingly brusque character is, in fact, vulnerable and full of compassion. His callous shell harbors a passionate and kind heart. He is in a semi-exile, grieving the loss of his child. His self-imposed madness when the character forgets his true name, alienates from his wife, and lives on the massive premises of a hospital, called the Castle, is quite belieavable despite the seeming incongruity. In his voluntary incarceration in this casle, he saves the family from an abusive husband, helps other patients, and gives us an excellent lesson of compassion and kindness.
The novella also conveys a very powerful social message. It is not the leading one, but it is clearly visible and read between the lines.
If you like Robin Hood-like characters that fight for justice for others and eventually find peace for themselves, if you enjoy the passages with virtually haunting atmosphere, this novella is for you. It is a well-written oxymoron of a compassionate character and hard-boiled dark fiction



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2 responses to “The Walls of the Castle by Tom Piccirilli

  1. I wish you’d come back to posting here, Zulfia! I even nominated you for Liebster Award (, because I always enjoy your insights.

  2. Thank you, Andrea, for your kind words. I do feel very bad about my laziness and plan to redress it soon. I miss writing my own reviews, and laziness is the only explanation I have., I still read avidly and voraciously, but … Oh, well, I promise to post a couple of reviews during the next week.

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