Hunting Mr. Old Sack Bones by A.D. Bloom

I do feel bad leaving a two-star review, but the two stories in this ebook do not deserve more. The first one is typo-ridden with the mistakes that my Remedial English students are prone to make. The other one is cleaner when it comes to language, but the stories are ‘too conceptual’. I have nothing against conceptual art and conceptual literature. Moreover, I find it challenging, intriguing, and stimulating.
This is not the case. I appreciate the author’s diversity in the selected topics for his stories, and I also like the social criticism his second story conveys: we as human beings, even if we are warned beforehand about our demise, will ignore the message and indulge ourselves in the decadent life.
But these are the only positive messages. The stories are so small that they look like sketches, so we are not talking about character or plot development. I am not complaining about the size. Many writers write sketches that have a powerful aftertaste and are beautifully written. Again, I feel bad leaving a negative feedback, but these two stories do not even fit into the sketch category. Oh, well, I was beguiled and tricked by the Amazon review and the intriguing title because I love discovering self-published authors. This was not the discovery with the feeling of accomplishment.


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