14 by Peter Clines

That’s one weird book. How many genres can you exercise and utilize when you write a novel, and a relatively smallish book? One, two, three? Keep counting.
The setting is urban that turns into a Gothic one, the characters are definitely somewhat caricaturish and grotesque, but likable and enthusiastic, the social message is poignant and clear, the parallel worlds and other dimensions are bizarre and hereroclite, basically a lovely soup of incompatible things.
This novel is like a fair when you can find at least something to your liking. Steam punk aficionados will enjoy Victorian ideas of engineering, sci fi fans will appreciate the names of scientific visionaries, the Gothic lover will definitely enjoy the passages describing the dark winding corridors and locked and secret rooms.
Literature lovers will appreciate Lovecraftian beings and direct allusions to Lovecraft. And do not forget there is still a mystery to solve. Oh, and a love story, and a horror twist, an apocalyptic motif, and a thriller… and a tongue-in-cheek mode!

Overwhelmed? Well, just read a book (or listen to the book) and explore the panoply of genres. A solid four stars, but let’s be honest – the book and its reader have to find each other.


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Filed under Book Review, Lovcraftian, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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