Blood Memory by Greg Iles

It is an entertaining book with serious repercussions. Within the frame of entertainment it is an excellent read. The plot is engrossing and deals with the everyday hidden social, moral, and sexual ‘disease’ of child molestation and its aftermath and impact on the life of a victim.

It is also a painful journey into the past of the protagonist, who is indeed a very resilient and stubborn young lady. Her dysfunctional lifestyle and behavioral patterns can be used as clues when she is tentatively finds the way to recall the scenes from her past.

Sometimes I questioned the plausibility of some facts in the novel, but surprisingly they are not connected with the child abuse and suppressed memories. The procedural side of the story, however, did raise some questions.

It is not the book when the artistic value is ‘ah’ and ‘oh’, and it has never meant to be, but it does serve its function to entertain and to provoke thoughts and make people question and re-evaluate their attitude to child molestation.


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