Hunger Games by Susanne Collins

The book is a very exciting and totally engrossing read. It took me two days to read the book (all my Sunday, and most Monday night and have of my working Monday reading secretly at work and sabotaging most of my Monday home chores). The whole idea of the survival contest might seem dull and boring, especially with the exposure to numerous TV shows, but this world is different – this is a dystopian world, and thus deeply unhappy for many common people with their districts poverty-ridden, and their minds being brain-washed by the Capitol. At the same time the Capitol itself is a painfully satirical image of our modern consumeristic society. The children/ teenagers on the verge of growing-up have to participate as tributes in mortal Hunger Games. It is a terrible and odious rite-of-passage for a certain few young adolescents.
The book is not a perfect dystopian novel, but it is very memorable and truly unputdownable.


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  1. Gwen Faulkenberry

    My ten year old daughter loves this series.

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