The taste of books (The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland)

It was a good book with interesting characters, and I liked it, or, at least that is what I had thought before I read the epilogue. I was going to give it three stars, but then I read the epilogue,and it was a wonderful example of powerful prose. The objective camera moving from character to character, showing us the pictures of devastation, havoc, pain, sheer madness, regained sibling love, and loss.
The epilogue deserves five stars – it was one of the most meaningful pieces of fiction I have read in my life. But the epilogue is not the whole book, thus, using the sport terminology, on aggregate, the book deserves four stars.
At the beginning all characters seem bland and one-dimensional, and the fact that narration is divided between several characters is confusing. But then, gradually you can hear different distinct voices, each affected by personal experience; and, naturally, each is humanly biased.
The book can be a painful experience for a ardent religious person, but for a secular reader like me, this vision of the medieval church is very adequate. I was fascinated by the topic of free will and how it was explored and developed by the author. I think anyone interested in medieval history and studies will find this book worth reading.


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